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Thursday 07/24/2014

The Minnesota Department of Commerce has ordered a financial advisor who stole millions of dollars from his clients to stop engaging in securities-related activities in the state and to pay a $300,000 fine...


The Social Security Administration has spent nearly $300 million on a new computer system to handle disability claims, but the agency can't get it to work...


Lawmakers and government officials looking for a way to save the cash-strapped U.S. Postal Service are considering a proposal that would make check cashing, small loans, prepaid cards and other financial services available at your local post office... More


A new report outlines the different physical and financial considerations that Americans must contemplate as they live longer lives...

Do your IULs have options like these?
Wednesday 07/23/2014

A new survey shows that 78 percent of Americans who contribute to an employer-sponsored retirement plan receive matching contributions from their employer, and 77 percent of those who have matching contributions save enough to receive the full employer match...


There won't be a referendum this fall on Seattle's $15 per hour minimum wage law... More

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Do your IULs have options like these?
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