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Compelling Topics Every Month of 2014 (subject to change)

Month Issue Topic Issue description
January Advisor Identity Crisis As insurance distribution and regulation evolve, what are agents, producers and advisors? Many practitioners are unsure what to call themselves.
February Health Reform Horizon How are health insurance agents and clients adjusting to ACA? Where are the opportunities and the surprises in this new landscape?
March Tax Scrambles & Strategies Many clients get antsy about their tax bite and this is the time to grab their attention on how to minimize the impact for the long term..
April Big Case Hunters The stories producers love to tell around the campfire: How I brought in the big one.
May Famous Estate Planning Failures One of our most popular issues of the year. Who doesn’t love a celebrity disaster story? Clients seem to enjoy them – and learn.
June The Gold in Gray: The Retirement Market Many are saying the future for life insurance, annuities & health insurance products is the retirement market. What does it look like?
July Summer Sales Issue Sales secrets from the masters. Recharge at the beach or wherever and hone your skills at the same time!
August The Inspiration Issue What made a huge change in people’s lives and what keeps them inspired to higher success?
September Life and Advanced Markets How advanced producers got where they are. Special for Life Insurance Awareness Month.
October Can You Ever Retire? Sure, clients are facing retirement anxiety, but how about agency owners? Will they even be able to sell their agency?
November Tech Guide What’s the hot technology for insurance agents? Advisor colleagues report back from the cutting edge!
December Look Ahead What's ahead for 2015? Hit the next year running with insight from top experts.


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