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Thursday 09/18/2014

Sept. 18-- Does packaging count in meat weight? A: When such items are sold by weight in Monroe County, they must be sold by "net weight," or the weight of the product minus the packaging. The packaging itself, also known as the "tare weight," must be subtracted from the final cost, according to Inspector Scott Sowder, of Monroe County's Department of Weight and Measures.


For baby boomers and seniors, the pathway toward financial security can be uncertain. And with the economic turmoil in recent years, many people are anxious over whether they will have enough money for their retirement. Not all annuities are equal in the benefits they deliver, "explained Brent Myer, President and co-founder of Safe Money Resource.


As a result, so did the final scoreline as the Panthers claimed a 2-0 girls' soccer victory over rival Bloomington North Wednesday night at Cougar Soccer Park. Panther goalkeeper Abby Smith came out to play back pass, but could not find an open teammate initially and took one touch too many before losing the ball to the pressuring Kayley Ryan.


Leading Maryland law firm JM Blattner, LLC, Attorneys at Law, is excited to welcome a new attorney, Elena Schlickenmaier, to the firm. JM Blattner, LLC is expanding to Virginia, and Schlickenmaier will be managing the launch of the firm's new office in Fairfax. There is no business association between JM Blattner, LLC and First Command.

There are No Baby Steps in Sales.

Benefit Express Services, LLC, a leader in providing benefits administration for large, medium, and small organizations, has released the first half of its 2014 fall and winter webinar schedule. The first half of these webinars include some great topics that will be incredibly valuable for any HR or benefits professional, "commented Monica Hinchey, Vice...


Hayes further explained that H.R. 25/ S. 122 is nonpartisan legislation that abolishes all federal personal and corporate income taxes, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security, Medicare, and self-employment taxes, and replaces them with one simple national retail sales tax that is administered primarily by existing state sales tax...

There are No Baby Steps in Sales.
There are No Baby Steps in Sales.
Wednesday 09/17/2014