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Tuesday 07/22/2014

Since Dec. 19, when news broke about the Target data breach, businesses outside the information technology sector have been less likely to seek cyber liability insurance...


The U.S. city with the most fatal drunken driving crashes per capita has only 210,000 residents -- and the country’s most populous city is near the bottom of the list..


Malaysia Airlines' two crashes in less than five months are sending tremors through the aviation insurance market -- not least because the carrier's $2.25 billion overall liability policy is mysteriously missing a standard phrase... More


A Wichita, Kan., chiropractor has admitted he defrauded health care programs out of $1.3 million... More

Monday 07/21/2014

While standing at the end of your boat dock, you see a person struggling in the water. Do you recognize that the person is drowning, or is something else going on? And what should you do?..


Drivers working for transportation network companies (TNCs), such as Lyft and Uber, typically do so under their own personal insurance policies. Most of those don't cover commercial activities, however, leaving the TNCs' "excess" contingent liability coverage to cover the gap...

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