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Spring Life Settlement Conference
Spring Life Settlement Conference
Spring Life Settlement Conference
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Property & Casualty Top Picks
Friday 04/18/2014

Here's something that might shock many homeowners: Flood insurance rates are falling... More

Thursday 04/17/2014

A bill designed to level the playing field for consumers shopping for the best wind insurance rates passed the South Carolina state Senate...


If Insurance Commissioner Julia Rathgeber had any doubt about where Cameron County officials stand on the issue of the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association, a recent meeting likely cleared that up...


Allstate announced it has entered into an agreement to sell Sterling Collision Centers to Service King Collision Repair Centers...


Indiana body shops and auto insurers are on a collision course over repair compensation practices, a dispute that could cost millions of dollars to patch up... More

Wednesday 04/16/2014

Three people were arrested at auto dealerships in Cabarrus County, N.C., and accused of selling auto insurance without being licensed by the state...

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