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The Hidden Benefits Of Life Insurance

By Thomas A. Heitz

Believe it or not – life insurance is much more than a policy that just provides coverage for one’s life. Many Americans do not truly understand what a life insurance policy has to offer. Unfortunately, due to this lack of life insurance knowledge, only one-third of Americans are covered by this significant policy.

Many believe that they simply cannot afford the extra coverage, while others do not see it as a priority. A recent poll by MSN Money asked readers: “During hard financial times, where would you be most likely to cut insurance coverage to save money?” And yes – life insurance led the way with 35 percent of the vote – versus auto, home, health and the option of not cutting costs at all.

It’s important that as a life insurance provider we do whatever we can to inform our clients and prospects about the importance of personalized coverage. Life insurance is a critical tool that all adults can utilize; whether single, married or divorced. Still can’t convince your prospect? Life insurance may not seem like the most important policy on the surface, but if you dig deeper, you will see the hidden benefits of a tailored policy.

Here are eight reasons to tell your clients as to why they should look into a life insurance plan:

1. If you are married, life insurance can cover your spouse. Most households are running off of two incomes. If something should happen to you, your spouse would be left with only one income. Do you think your spouse would be able to keep up with the bills and mortgage? With coverage, you will not have to worry about whether or not your spouse will be able to support the family. Too many families are forced to deal with hard times and decisions due to financial issues. Your loved one is already dealing with your death; the last thing he or she needs is to lose the house, too.

2. If you are single, life insurance will cover loved ones. Many single and independent people believe that life insurance is useless without a family to support. However, did you know that life insurance will cover any debts or contracts in your name? For instance, perhaps you are a joint debtor on a mortgage with a sibling or even cousin. If you were to pass, he or she would be responsible for the entire debt. With the proper coverage, you will not leave behind these debts and burdens on your loved ones.

3. The younger you are, the cheaper your premium could be. Your life insurance premium is determined based on a few variables. For one, if you are in good health, your premium will obviously be much lower. Therefore, purchasing life insurance at a younger age is crucial for a low cost. The best part? If you choose term life, your premium will remain the same throughout the entire time period.

4. You can still be there for your children. Yes, you may not be there for your children throughout the years, but your policy will be. Your policy can be designed to help cover expensive college tuition and fees down the road.

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5. You can choose to have final expenses covered. It is no secret that funerals are an expensive ceremony. With (California) life insurance, you have the option to cover all final expenses. This is a great way to save your family from such a financial burden.

6. There are a variety of options to choose from. Like many policies, life insurance gives you a few different options. Maybe you are not ready to insure your whole life just yet. Term life is a great way to insure a portion of your life for an affordable price. Others may feel like whole life is a much better option; it’s nice to know that your life is fully covered – as long as you are paying the premium! Whatever you choose, you will feel much better knowing that a policy is in place. Other options include universal, variable and survivorship insurance.

7. Coverage is affordable. Life insurance is not the most expensive policy in the world of coverage. It is affordable because it is crucial.

8. You are in control of your premium. Wondering why your premium is so high? Take a look at your lifestyle! It is a fact that smokers will pay a higher premium than non-smokers. The same goes for those who are overweight versus those who are in shape. Your health habits play a huge part in what your premium will be. To lower your premium, embrace a healthier lifestyle.

The benefits of a life insurance policy are endless—and the ability to open a prospect’s eyes to the value of such a crucial policy is nearly priceless.

Thomas A. Heitz owns and operates the California-based Heitz Insurance. Heitz Insurance first opened its doors back in 1965, as the area’s leading, local coverage resource – specifically focusing on securing clients customizable California life insurance. With roots set deep in Santa Clarita, Heitz Insurance specializes in providing dependable personal and commercial insurance solutions for residents across the state.

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