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How To Draft And Interpret Insurance Policies


DALLAS — October 5, 2010 - International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), is pleased to announce the release of a new, second edition of How To Draft and Interpret Insurance Policies. This 280-page award-winning book uses plain English to guide legal and risk professionals step by step through the process of interpreting existing insurance policy language or drafting insurance endorsements or policy forms.

“This is truly a unique book that will improve the ability of any lawyer, adjuster, agent, broker, underwriter, or risk manager to quickly and correctly determine how a policy does or does not apply to a claim scenario or to draft bulletproof policy language that clearly conveys coverage intent. In fact, it should be part of the training program for any law firm associate who will be involved in coverage litigation as well as for brokers, adjusters, and underwriters,” said IRMI president Jack P. Gibson, CPCU, CRIS, ARM.

How To Draft and Interpret Insurance Policies shows the reader how to apply a basic coverage analysis to look for overriding concerns. The book clearly explains what to look out for in terms of words, phrases, punctuation, and formatting, along with the negative and positive implications of specific wording. It then delves into more advanced coverage issues, such as the reasonable expectations doctrine, and how they affect legal analyses.

First written and published in 1999 by Kenneth S. Wollner, J.D., the second edition of How To Draft and Interpret Insurance Policies was rewritten, updated, and expanded by IRMI research analysts Richard J. Scislowski, J.D., CPCU, CIC, CRIS, and W. Jeffrey Woodward, CPCU, CRIS. These three legal and insurance experts share a combined 75years’ experience interpreting and litigating insurance coverage. Additionally, the Virtual University’s Bill Wilson, CPCU, and Bill Fleming, RPLU, of the Doctors Company, served as expert reviewers for the second edition. This new second edition is now available in print format for $99 and, for IRMI Online access, $49 for individuals or $99 for small businesses.

Leave trial and error behind with this powerful tried and true presentation.

For more information about the book, visit or call 1–800–827–4242.

International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), is a Dallas-based research and publishing organization focusing on insurance and risk management. IRMI reference services, conferences, and webinars give insurance buyers, risk managers, agents, brokers, adjusters, coverage lawyers, and underwriters knowledge to deal effectively with complex and rapidly changing insurance and risk management issues and problems.

For more information, visit or write to International Risk Management Institute, Inc., 12222 Merit Drive, Suite 1450, Dallas, TX 75251.


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Leave trial and error behind with this powerful tried and true presentation.